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Winter Fairy Garden Kits

Winter Fairy Garden Kits


Your kit will contain; One birch house, one plastic deer, two plastic rabbits, two fused glass trees (large 5.5" x 3" and small 5" x 1.5").  Add these to your own indoor container plants, or save them for an outdoor fairy garden next spring!  

  • Product Information

    All my creations are one of a kind, and handmade in our studio on the coast of Maine. Photographs of the glass and artwork may not look the same in person. As such, please expect some variances to the photograph. Generally things look better in person, but if you are not happy with your selection please let us know.


    For all my fused glass pieces I use Bullseye’s finest glass, fired in a kiln for several days and then reworked and re-fired a number of times to achieve the final result. Then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.  Each piece starts life as a plain sheet of glass. Decorated with glass powders and crushed glass frits, each piece may be fired several times to melt the glass together.


    For all the lampwork and sculptural items, We only use high quality Venetian and Murano glass, and Each bead is formed over a torch. All our beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

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