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Rainbow Connection Kit

Rainbow Connection Kit


The Rainbow Connection Kit comes with everything you need to make a wonderful glass rainbow.  This rainbow is meant to shared and to bring hope and happiness to all who see it.  Hang it outside on your mailbox or porch. Hang in your room or sunny window.  Or just pass it on!  Buy a kit for you and a friend and work on it together online.  Directions are included or you can watch the video link above.  Pick up your kit, take it home.  You will have a couple of weeks to finish it.  Return by the date listed on your instructions.  Then we will fire them in our kiln and put them back on the porch for pick up!  Allow at least a week for the firing.


When checking out, please select Pick Up Only option in the shipping area.

Let us know if you have any questions.  

  • Pick Up Only

    Kit is available for pickup only. (9am-6pm).  Your name will be added to the your kit.  The kits will be  inside a large plastic tote, on the studio porch steps.    The studio is attached to a gray garage and has a small porch/steps on the side. Drive straight in and make the loop.  The studio steps are on the loop.  We have a dog who we are training (LUNA), and if she's outside she may run to you (and jump), but she is very friendly.  

    Address to the studio is, 43 Spar Cove, Freeport. 04032.

  • Video Tutorial

    click the small icon to the left for the video tutorial

  • Directions


    1. Trace your glass piece on a clean sheet of paper or use the template below.  
    2. Draw you rainbow design on your paper template, then place your clear glass over your template for a guide for adding the glass frit.
    3. I have numbered the frit bags 1-6 based on the colors of the rainbow(red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet) Some of the colors look the same but they change when heated in the kiln.
    4. Draw a thin line of glue tracing your design for the 1st color, then using the spoon, sprinkle some frit near the line.
    5. Use the paint brush to push the frit onto your line.   Be sure to keep it only one layer thick.  Any extra frit not used in your design can be returned to the bag, before you start the next color.
    6. Repeat for the next 5 colors. 
    7. Let dry thoroughly and return to the studio porch with the bottom half of this sheet filled out by___________.
    8. I will send you an email when your glass fired and is ready to pick up.  Please allow at least one week.
    9. Please let me know if you have any questions!  I would love it if you shared to my Instagram page!  Show me what you made, where it’s hanging or who you gave it to!   #glassmermaidstudio #rainbowconnection
  • Product Information

    All my creations are one of a kind, and handmade in our studio on the coast of Maine.   Photographs of the glass and artwork may not look the same in person. As such, please expect some variances to the photograph. Generally things look better in person, but if you are not happy with your selection please let us know.

    For all my fused glass pieses I use Bullseye’s finest glass, fired in a kiln for several days and then reworked and re-fired a number of times to achieve the final result. Then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.  Each piece starts life as a plain sheet of glass. Decorated with glass powders and crushed glass frits, each piece may be fired several times to melt the glass together.

    For all the lampwork and sculptural items, We only use high quality Venetian and Murano glass, and Each bead is formed over a torch. All our beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

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